Sunday, 25 February 2018

Its complete bar the shouting

Update its finished finally give or take the tweaks and running it to make sure no issues.
Its been a while since I posted on here but spent time away doing stuff to bike and being unwell at times not to care too much about social media.
I actually cannot remember the last post without looking it up but the bike has everything done to it as I can possibly do and I am satisfied with it.
The details needed are a small touch up of the frame where some brake fluid has spilt and marked it. I can sort that out when it's warmer soon and a couple of chips on the cam adjuster covers and a small scratch on engine case where the clutch slave hit it. Also the reservoir cover on the front brake fluid has caught the edges.
I still have to remove my ohlins remote bracket or make another to be welded by a friend as it works well where its placed and has been ridden now so all is ok.
The bike went in to Ducati Proteam nearly two weeks ago after I pretty much tried to get everything working well. I spent almost a week trying to bleed the front brakes well but were still spongy. I managed the clutch ok and the rear brake too and even bought a bleeder pump too.
Alec basically commissioned her for the road checking and doing the stuff I couldn't and double checking nuts and bolts etc. We had a issue with carbs sticking on the floats so he removed and checked and all was ok. Once the weather was dry he took it for an MoT with no problem and returned in the van for me. She is currently sitting waiting for these things to be done and just a few rubber cable ties to be fitted as per factory fitment. Then its tax time and a 10 week wait for the weekender where I will ride her up. I will be riding it before of course and didn't spend all the money for her to sit pretty.
Just waiting for a new oil level plate to come to me from a guy on the UKMOC forum who is donating it to my project as mine seems to be lost by someone else. It may return hopefully and I have the intention of getting decals made to repair others whose may have faded.

Thanks for viewing my project and as mad as it may seem this project turned into something I can only describe as desire to build something back only to what it was not what it could be. Its called simply RESTORATION. Its not hard its just having to do something with patience and love.

Monday, 9 October 2017


So its been a while since I posted. A little further on and once again more steps back finding out parts are not suitable for this model but also major finds making it correct and better.
Things like the lefthand exhaust find in a friends garage loft and that is holy grail to me. Funny thing is a few days later a pair are on ebay but not mint and found out another friend was bidding so left him to it to which he did win them.

I also got another speedo with more miles but reading level across the digits and that's cleaned up nice.

Airbox to is correct not a mix of old and newer and has all the elephants on there.
All the indicators are on with new brackets so have to spares to sell.
Fitted the carbs on with better breather pipes with correct look and fit clips.
Airbox fitted after fitting all the cables and breathers and figured out what that missing clip did. It keeps the carb breather tube close to the manifold pipe and away from the choke cable mechanism.

I cleaned up the lefthand exhaust as good as I want and is not mint just like the righthand one but is fine.
Still awaiting the ohlins to return but checked today and they are waiting for the hose. I made an error last week buying a cheap 620 one but got the length size wrong and not only is it too short but could fit as fittings are 0.50mm too wide. Never the less I got a nice original one today is very nice condition from France and will be a genuine spare if needed to be original look show condition.
I got the suspension hoop re-powdercoated for free last week and matches the springs better than it was.

Yesterday on my day off I made the bracket for the ohlins remote from aluminium plate and tube and should fit good once I know position is clear from any rubbing or obstruction. Its bolted together right now but I will probably get Big Oz to alloy weld it once sure its ok.

Got a pair of handlebar weight bar ends I think correct ones from USA last night NOS just wont have the plated bolts in them but stainless and also got stainless reservoir screws too not allen socket fitment but Phillips type.
My bar ends are later and slightly larger diameter and may look too new.

Also in case I don't find my airbox clip roll pins x 2 I ordered 4 stainless ones. I know they are somewhere in the garage near but I did find the missing Agip decals so now have 4 of them for service records over the next few years at least.
I think I also have a free rear exhaust clamp coming from another UKMOC guy in case my repaired one looks too repaired.
A week or so ago I assisted fitting the tank decals on for lining up correctly or to my satisfaction. I am just waiting for the tank to be sent back lacquered to Proteam along with fairing and seat cowl. If I am honest I am worried somethings wrong as its been 10 days since then as when I was there the tank stand was a bit wobbly. My minds thinking it may have fell over but I reckon it is me being paranoid right !
In November I am booking some time off to finish it complete as every thing will be there and tbh there is little to do as soon as I can fit the back wheel back on which I cannot do right now.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Postman delivered a nice present

Today I am very happy. Swingarm has flown over and been delivered and is on bike but loosely as needs an extra shim.
It is in very nice condition as I thought and wasn't disappointed and all I needed to do was give it a light clean and remove some old grease and scrub up the chain guide. I refitted the shiney bolts and I cannot fit properly until I get the Ohlins back maybe next week after HM racing service it and fit the shorter hose.

I managed to get the tea tray bolts as I want them as a few friend put some m8 bolts on his lathe and reduced the diameter to 6.0mm so I could die them down to m6 and cut to length which I did yesterday. They work and look good enough to use once they get plated sometime later.

He also gave me his old airbox breather pipe so I don't have to use my repaired end one.

Carbs are now fitted and just have to fit throttle cables  and choke cable.

Should get my new indicators tomorrow if Hermes bloke actually turns up as he doesn't like delivering to anyone else next door or otherwise as he must be paranoid. This is the guy who wont also leave a contact number so you cannot tell him you wont be there either and also doesn't leave a second or third calling slip and then just sends it back to seller.