Sunday, 21 June 2015

Back from IoM TT let's get going again

So after a great trip to the IoM TT races with my great friends on my Ducati Scrambler its time to get cracking with the Monster. Whilst over there I kept seeing older monsters to remind how important it is to get back in to restoring it.
I managed to find a seat cowl on Gumtree whilst there in red in good order with a white s2r stripe. It only cost me £33 delivered and only thing wrong was a broken screw insert. I managed to get the stripe off but I couldn't remove the lacquer steps without going through the red paint so a respray is needed.
Today I finally fettled the lugs which had cracks in the plastic surround to which I soldered closed and covered in body filler ands strengthened the in between web too. Its not pretty but wont be seen once painted and covered up.
I made 2 trial mount brackets but not happy with the fit and think they need a crank in the bottom plate as I needed two 4 mm spacers to make it sit right on the seat.

Also tried a little plastic weld repair on the inner rear seat mudguard not that it ever will ever be seen either.

Got a very good set of complete indicators now as 2 new ones bought for £22.  Others cleaned up nice but I will try an  reinstate some locating lugs on the front mount brackets where they obviously wear away. I will mould some black cable ties around the point and trim off the excess.

The rear light I am told is on its way now to me and have also got coming a pair of 100mm decals of which I need 1 for the seat cowl after respraying. I will try and get that done locally.

I still don't know much about this tap on the oil line but presuming it can be turned off in winter to keep engine warmer.

I straightened very easily without any force the front brake lever. The clutch lever was fine though. It just needed putting in a vice and gentle persuasion up a tad.

I managed to remove the 2 rusted nuts on the number plate light by dremeling off the nuts carefully. I I cleaned the threads up after with a die. I also found a LED bulb fitted in the number plate light. That's handy too and will try to put LED's in as many bulbs as I can whilst staying traditional look.

The headlight is in great condition and is a Bosch H4 unit and chrome is very good.

The clutch cover I don't know if should have a rubber gasket but looking at the thickness I think not.
Inside there looks like rub marks or are they production marks.

And finally the big clean up of the bolts and nuts and brackets has started. All are cleaning up easily and have started a repair on the broken stud on the rear hanger bracket bolt by drilling through the stud and tapping M8 and inserting a new stud which will be welded in place and cleaned up before coloured zinc plating again.

Footrests are nearly cleaned up and need to replace the rubber on the wire loom as picture.

Hope to have more news this week about the engine and what's going to be needed. I really need to know so I can comfortably remove engine and get the work done when I can and then I can concentrate on removing parts and cleaning them up and get all bits replated in a batch. The engine is not the priority as yet but having the bike in pieces is.


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