Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bit more

Today I am hoping but feeling doubtful whether  my luck will hold out for a seat cover I got told about in the right colour and decal. Bad communication or slow communication could halt it.

Good news is I have some front discs correct from my mate Kato but they need cleaning up presuming the gold paint as he wouldn't give me rubbish ones.

I will be taking the bike in to Proteam ducati in a couple of weeks for engine test but yesterday I took the clutch cover off and the belt covers to see if noise is worse. I did notice the cover has rub marks inside so theres a chance it could be that or the bearing but was informed it had been replaced. Tonight I started her again but to be honest couldn't hear much knocking because clutch was loud with cover off. Possibly could be that or the clutch is assembled wrong.

Started cleaning all the mudguard plastics and coming up decent enough as is the seat although the 2 points at front show small amount of wear. Taken the seat clip mount off for plating too.

Started lacquering the carbon fibre after a clean and looking much better already after 2 coats. Will need more as it was very dull and is absorbing it a lot.

These Tomaselli grips are on their way too and have the heated grip removed from the throttle tube now.

Cleaned the rubber almost off 2 of the 4 footrests tonight and although tedious I am not prepared to buy another set it means I will have spares again.

That will be all for around 2 weeks as the IoM TT beckons so see you all soon with news or pics.

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