Monday, 22 June 2015

Cleaning up.

Got home later then normal and had a few hours to kill as Caroline had meetings so went and did some laborious cleaning up on the wire wheel. Started off with removing all the bolts from the front end ie handle bar clamps and working my way down to the brakes. All came off ok except some brake rotor discs looked like they were not replaced and some were when someone obviously put that later disc on. Some were corroded but will clean up for another purpose and will try and get another 4-6 for later and double plate them.

Handlebar clamp ones had a build up of rust in the centre presuming where the water goes in between the clamps and cannot get out through the threads.

Cleaned up the forks a bit just to see if any bad bits. Just a couple of minor scratches which may be able to be turned around later. Took a check of the wiring and pretty good shape at front as well as rest of it. As I said yesterday a rubber cover for the kill switch end socket is on its way and I refitted the others properly. I need to remove a little bit of insulation tape that's come adrift and may use some correct pvc sheath if I can remove wires or else re-tape it properly.

Got my second hand tail light in the post today so that's another thing off my list. Just need to get some decent LED bulbs to try and see if it will look ok. It luckily came with all the right rubbers and nuts which is pleasing.

Horn bolt was tight but bearing in mind it sits upside down at front under the frame so water runs down into the thread its not surprising. The horn itself is in good shape and virtually no rust and still had a clear plastic on the front face. Cannot fathom whether should be black or silver plate but will keep it black.

Did a few more clean up bolts from the pot I have so is getting there. Tomorrow I will start from the back end and do the same and get to the centre later this week.

That's enough for tonight.

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