Thursday, 25 June 2015

Clutch is Fooked

Tonight I did some more and think basically now is a standstill until I get advise or engine fully checked out.
It may be good news that I have found a few things wrong that could mean things could be alright when fixed but I really don't know for sure.

I was cleaning the last of the bolts accessible to me like all around the engine cases and brackets and cleaned up the key lock metalwork and blow me the 2 tiny screws that hole the latch to the lock came out without any problem in fact they were loose. The cables good and wont be wasting good money on a new one but will lacquer over the cleaned fittings. The rest all came apart and is in the plating bucket.

The part that refuses absolutely to budge is the steering lock adjuster on the left side which although has been soaking for 48hrs in a bath of release agent and even when heat applied it will not exit. Key is still strong but don't want to mess it up whilst on bike so when I get forks stripped I may get better purchase or buy a new one.

So this clutch which has been bugging me. I believed it was not correct on sight and wondered if the knocking may have been it.
I removed the springs and collars and armed with the Haynes book of lies measured the springs and should be 36.5mm long and all 6 are 40mm so are a 600 or 750 engine it seems.
I cleaned them up and the caps and bolts anyhow and then removed the clutch plates.
OH DEAR they are almost flat to the plate and measure around 2.81mm to best 2.83mm .
They are deemed to the project trophy pile and new ones are being sourced.

Then checking the pressure plate it does have a new bearing as was told by the last owner. Then I was looking at the locking nut. It looks tight but there is play to and fro when you pull the clutch drum and I can get a feeler gauge of 0.2mm in between the washer and nut washer. Is that the problem. ????

Alternator side all the bolts were removed one by one and cleaned and put back and did find one that may be stripped thread in the casing.
Removed the inspection cover and removed the paint and cleaned and file dressed the slotted screws to good as new.

Made some aluminium surrounds for around the cowl mountings and araldited them on and will just require some minor filling in the top tomorrow and be neater than before and look better once sprayed. It means the bolts or plactic cannot break out ever and be stronger.

Finally painted the clutch cover silver as it should be.

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