Saturday, 27 June 2015

Correct Discs for free

My good friend Kato offered me a pair of correct front discs to refurbish as one of mine was odd and from a newer model.
How could I not accept for free and go see his ultra lightweight  hybrid Monster with alloy frame and fast bits everywhere. Awesome is the only  thing coming to my mind.

So I picked them up and had a chat about what to do with the bike and released a few grumbles and watched the Moto GP but that's another story for Kato.

So when home tonight alone it was rude not to carry on getting dirty before getting clean again to watch Moto 3 Race recorded earlier.

The discs were described as useable but needing a good clean up. Yep that was correct and 2 faces were covered in Knight Racing Team orange paint spatter and brake dust.

An hour later they are becoming very decent and will just need a little flattening down around the bolt holes and thorough wash in the holes to remove any flaky paint before a few coats of good gold paint.

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