Monday, 1 June 2015

Day 3 of ownership

So after picking the bike up on Saturday night the Sunday was missed due to gaining space in the garage. Moved a bike out and started building a bike lift platform to aid restoring.

Monday at work but when I got home tonight I wanted and had a plan of trying the engine and listening to decide whether it has a problem or if not it needed work. Started ok on the key but it does not sound sweet by any means and I would never be satisfied running with even a whisper of bad noise.

With that done I fancied taking off those bits definitely wrong like heated grips , gold bling bar ends and that snazzy led tail light with built in indicators. Now there was a lot of wiring on that to the battery and the brake light switch too. Why he never took power from the fuse box and brake cable end I don't know. Anyhow all removed to sell or swap on to someone.

All the horrible bits gone I thought I may just start taking all the plastic bits off and get as many bolts and nuts removed knowing how they come off and what I have to replace.
I really got cracking and forced myself to stop as not sure whether I will need to have to get the engine running for any reason before it gets restored. I could have easily carried on because it was going so well. What is so nice was how many fittings are salvageable. I did have 2 needed to be replace and 1 was the large headed footrest hanger which snapped in the frame and one of the screws that hold the front indicator bracket to the top yoke was rounded out so I had to chisel start it too turn, need to get replacements then asap.
I also need either a new throttle tube or somehow remove the heated grip outer from it but noticed the throttle cable is perished on the outside on the part where it will show and the wire connector to the wiring right side rubber has broken away so need to source one cover for the multi plug.
Carbon fibre is all in good shape but all very faded and needs a refinish with cleaning and multi coats of lacquer. All the decals are in good shape so will re-use rather than using my pattern new carbon fibre ones I have spare,
Hugger just needs some cleaning up and some plastic restore but has a few scrapes from possibly exhaust bolts etc.
Tea tray is perfect as were all the nuts bolts and washers and the plate hanger too. Wiring is good all the way through it seems and very little work to do other than cleaning and making sure wrapping is good. No dodgy connectors broken.
Exhausts as I said earlier are not original but slightly later ones with chamfers but in decent shape so will clean them up as best I can and remove as many scatches as possible. Mount rubbers look ok to use but not perfect.
Speedometer is removed and just needs cleaning and bottom mount nuts replacing or plating over but I noticed the second digit is not even in clicking over.
The footrest I stated were the rubber treaded ones and some say wrong but I believe they may have been an option and was already asking forum for swap or consider buying correct ones. I have some from my Ducati Scrambler so visually compared and looked larger so thinking these are correct underneath and just rubber moulded over. I decided to try and cut rubber of and yes they are correct underneath but will take some cleaning to get it all off. Possibly heat  or something but will persevere and I have a wire wheel if not.
Front mudguard is now removed for safe keeping and will be wrapped up and stored safely.

Really pleased so far and hope it continues this way. More pics here of the bike as is.


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