Monday, 29 June 2015

Lets do some painting

After a slightly unsuccessful effort at cleaning paint off the belt comes with a home made shotblaster I was forced to try and refresh them with a flattening down of lacquer and paint them satin black and is a similar colour to the back of them at least. They actually look very nice but am more worried about how they will stand up to road chips or dirt and cleaning.

Whilst they were drying between coats on a very hot afternoon I moved on to the headlamp bowl.
This was no dents just not quite the right colour and a painted over scratch. Gave it a good overall rub down of chips etc and 2 coats of rust preventer primer. Finally a couple of coats of the satin black top coat and a quick blast inside too.

This and the belt covers can cure over the next months and just noticed on the inspection cover a little piece around the bolthole not clean enough so will rub that down again. This was the one that was shotblasted.

Next was the front disc brake rotors. I started prepping them on Saturday night and managed to find a similar colour gold at Halfords so will try it and see if not go over with another.
Only got as far as masking one up tonight and carefully cutting around the bobbins. Need some more tape and will try and finish them tomorrow but will probably lacquer as well if it helps the paint last.

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