Tuesday, 30 June 2015

More painting done

Had a go nice day at work and very hot too and good enough for sure to spray paint. A trip again to Halfords for this time some masking tape and some Yellow paint for the suspension hoop and bought some clear lacquer. I wasn't sure about the Yellow colour as its got to be similar to the Ohlins shock spring. I was only given 3 colours to choose from . A Ford Yellow, a Fiat Yellow and a Rover Yellow. The colour opted for was the rover yellow by the lid but I am not so sure now as looks to bright and may be good for my Scrambler tbh. I may now have to get another can of Fiat Broom Yellow as that apparently is what my RD250 is painted in and looks very similar now.
Firstly when I got home I masked up the second disc and then thoroughly cleaned them prior to spraying. 2 coats of rust preventer primer and some drying time I then re-did a belt cover again.

I then did some light coats of the Nissan solid gold on the discs and repeated until 3 coats done and left them hanging in the sunshine.
They will be lacquered if I am satisfied with the colour once dried properly overnight and the colour looks similar to what the frame could be but need to really really check first.
Now the suspension hoop was going to wait until later as I hadn't figured out how to get bike wheel removed without a paddock stand then I remembered how I did the s4 about 7 years ago inverting the front footrests and sticking a pair of axle stands under them.
Success and removed the axel after a gentle bit of persuasion. Not much grease on it and I cleaned it straight up as soon as removed and also the brake plate slider guide.

 Then I had the problem of removing a stuck pivot bolt in the rose joint on the chain side of the swingarm. I managed to get it turning but was rusted into the bearing but eventually it broke free and all parts were salvageable except the rose joints but will be fitted back temporarily in the bike at weekend.

Cleaned the axle and rose joint bolts, the brake pipe clamp, and the swingarm internal sliders.

Cleaned up the suspension hoop well and gave it 2 good coats of rust preventer  primer and left to dry for an hour in the sun.
Then carefully sprayed the yellow in light coats using the recommended colour primer. 3 coats later its not as close colour as ideal and as I said above it needs more orange tint if you look at the above rear shock.

After all that excitement I sat down on a chair and started rubbing down the scratches and scuffs on the exhausts at least one for now and is already starting to look better and not until tonight did I read all the info stamped on the side and pleased to see at least they are period ones with correct logos to match the tank. They do have the chamfers but I to be honest don't care much now.

Lots more work on them to do but hopefully its just laborious rubbing down and re-dressing them after with a finish all in one direction.

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