Friday, 26 June 2015

Stopped for now.

Stopped because I cannot do no more. But what I have done is pleasing very pleasing. I am hopeful all will be ok and this bike makes me happy to put back right as it never seemed to be too far customed anyhow.
There is something about the bike that's past says I have genuinely been looked after as nearly every bolt seems to have copperslip grease on it and the engine has been out before as has had some paint on it. I still reckon the frame was changed very early in its life but the engine paint etc would have been much later as looks fairly new.
What I don't know is any of its history which is kind of sad not having knowing what work was actually done well or not well.
I got a present of a hanger bolt from UKMOC president Slob today so gratefully received to finish the cleaning up of the bolts. It was longer than required and needed more thread so I cut 4mm off and cut more M8 thread all the way down to the shoulder. That's now finished and the earth is fitted with the nut on the back and I can easily remember this time as has a bigger allen key size.

The Araldite has cured on the cowl fixings and the stuff that leaked has been cleaned off but I will get another Poundland tube and fill the voids left rather than use body filler.
I made some more seat clamp brackets tonight too as the first ones were quick efforts and although they worked did not look nice or even look correct size and were aluminium and designed wrong even though I asked whether they were flat or had an angle set to them.
After looking at my mate Shuffy's s2R 1000 he had original ones and they had an angle bent into them as I suspected so that I didn't need to use spacers and it held the cowl tight to the seat front and back.
This time made out of steel plate in an identical pair and drilled as a pair and measured placed holes not guessed with a pencil. Nice round ends filed and bent correctly. Only hassle was the powdercoat I had to remove as secondhand plate. I ended up dremmeling it off as was quicker and easier and they are nice and bright to get coloured zinc plated and fitted like a glove without slotting them. I think as the original ones were slotted I will do just in case the tensioning needs loosening.

That's all but tomorrow I should get some new front discs correct holes that just need a clean up. There maybe more if I get a chance too.

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