Thursday, 16 July 2015

A bit more shine

Another quiet evening just tinkering around but all positive until the last thing.

I gave the brake calipers another light coat of gold paint as I will not now be lacquering them so that done they can sit and harden for weeks before I attempt to remove paint on the lettering.

They look good and that's very pleasing.

Then some more lacquer on the carbon fibre parts and another 3 layers worth, They are getting smooth and show the scars of age which is fine.
 Front fork bottoms cleaned up and finished as much as pleases me with a natural finish and shone with solvol autosol.

Some more parts cleaned included rear number plate light and rear loom and helmet cord cable and the handlebars. Headlight brackets and gave the exhaust hanging brackets so bending on one to match the other. They will and are starting to clean up good but the new pair of exhausts coming may well be better but cleaned up they will be for sure.


The the final issue is getting hold of a rear brake master cylinder front cover as mine is split and a bit missing. I saw a thread on the UKMOC that there are Moto Guzzi dealers who sell refurb kits for Brembos but doesn't include the front cover. On the beg for one now secondhand or else its USA and postage.

Maybe not much going on tomorrow as its my birthday so may be banned from tinkering.

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