Monday, 6 July 2015

Back to Black and a bit of brassy colour too.

Yes indeed it's back to black on the wheels at last as they should be. I got the paint on the way home from work and also got 20% off the Plasticote range so worked out cheaper than expected. 2 BBQ black ( which I used on my XT500 engine and wheel hubs ) and goes on like a dream. 1 can of silver for the clutch cover  and 2 small cans of brass colour and a gold just in case.

I got indoors and rubbed the rear wheel down and then masked it up which is tedious again.

I then gave it one coat of black and then did the front again.

I in between did the brake discs in this goldy brass colour and it almost matches the calipers and I like it like that. Its not far from what they were and I tried the gold in case and its not as close to be far away either but I want to keep it Brembo colour.

Another good coat on the wheels and they look like this but I am preparing myself to give a light coat of satin lacquer in a couple of days.

I also treated the throttle housing to a few coats of black and again may need a lacquer over but the little elephant I never saw before on it. I think it may have been on upside down on the bars.

I did the gold bar ends I had in gloss Plasticote and will get a small piece of alloy turned up with a countersunk hole to fit in the end and get the correct looking screw fitted.

I then started to do a little cleaning and investigating damage of oil cooler. Flakey paint and no major damage and will clean up and paint up ok soon.

Not sure if the new tank clip is the original but I like the alloy one anyhow and don't want the black plastic version. The tank is clean and dent and rust free.

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