Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Disaster well not quite but.....

Well after being told my wheels should have been gloss black not the satin black I bought 2 cans of the same manufacturer and took them home to spray a top coat on the matt looking finish. Bear in mind I stated how nice they looked and the finish was really nice......

Well started with the rear and looked ok but then noticed a small patch which would have been hidden but could easily have rubbed it down as it started crazing up. I tried the front wheel also and that crazed in at least 3 places around the rim edge line. I stopped as basically give up trying to make them really nice cheaply and this is not working. I will get them stripped and powder coated but that means I have to remove the cush drive inserts and replace bearings and remove tyres and may as well get new ones whilst at it.

It then started raining so finished some more dressing up of metal parts namely oil line with the tap and took that apart and all the elbows are clean and replateable.

Painted the oil cooler but looks a bit over metallic shiney to me so may go over with some flatter looking stuff I have.

Started cleaning the carbs and the manifolds are removed and cleaned and clip and throttle cables removed and need replacing with new.

More to do

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