Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Exhausted and good

A few things have happened over the last few days. I saw a pair of early exhausts on Gumtree for £25 without pictures at the time but the woman replied with some poor but positive pics. My friend Martin luckily lived just around the corner in Crawley so kindly popped around and inspected them and gave me the green light to have.
So now I have some better and same year early logos on them and just need a physical clean and just a small file dressing down on one chamfer edge.

Tonight I started off cleaning up the brake calipers. Whilst decent in structure and reasonably clean they are shabby underneath and the pins were rusty and would be poor at sliding etc and 2 were missing pins to hold it in. Brake pads were good but after trying to clean with some good cleaner I decided I wanted them a lot better so will make them as good as new. As I had some very close colour match paint it was a easy job after rubbing them down and once hardened off for a few weeks I will rub off the paint on the BREMBO lettering and then lacquer over and the fitment of new nipples etc will be done.

The new rose joints arrived for suspension hoop and gear lever.


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