Sunday, 5 July 2015

More cleaning.

Yesterdays and todays time was limited as my lovely stepdaughter Gemma got married in the afternoon so got up reasonably early and done some cleaning of parts and masking the front wheel after rubbing down the powdercoat as a key. I was asked not to spray them as time constraints but it was a gorgeous summers day and little wind and 27 degrees warm. I did obey thinking Sunday would be the same.

I spent around an hour on cleaning the airbox and found some very old spiders underneath and very good condition underneath the dust and grime. I removed all the rubber parts to clean all around and no parts in bad order. Not sure whether lid is genuine or been replaced as doesn't seem to fit bottom with air filter removed but is ok when in but it shows 99 inside and bottom is 90.

I cleaned the wiring loom front to back and needs slight attention on the starter solenoid cables and looks like some cable has been grafted in as different colours and I would have thought it needs a connector too. I can sort that easily once info known. Just elsewhere the odd bit of taping up in a few places.

I got the bolt stop out of the bottom yoke and its still salvageable and rethreaded with an M8 die so its good again so am thinking either my friend Andy can possibly reweld some alloy in the thread so it can be redrilled and tapped or I could drill and fit a larger piece of alloy and weld it in and the same dilled and tapped M8 or get a thread lining tool but prefer not to have an insert and natural aluminium finish, Then it can be shotblasted natural finish with the top yoke and new bearings fitted.

All the calipers are now separated from their lines and bagged up for cleaning at a later date.

Today Sunday I woke up and was overcast and rain and very damp. I never did anything until around 3pm as then the sunshine came along and warmed the garden up. I had some satin black left in the can to trial the front wheel and managed to get a good base coat to see how they will look. I have never had black wheels until recently with my Ducati Scrambler and I do like them although they do still show dirt but mainly dust. I like what I see and will get some more black paint tomorrow and finish that front and mask up the rear and rub the paint down the same. I did notice the rear tyre had a plug so will at some point need a new rear and depending how the paint lasts I will decide if later I want powdercoat.

I then took the Ohlins rear shock off the swingarm and gave that a clean. It never needed much at all and is very nice condition other than the small area on the hose plastic coating sleeve has worn through at one point.
The paint I was thinking of trying to match the suspension hoop is more like Ducati Scrambler Classic colour of Sunshine Orange so will just be happy leaving it alone. The shock is fully adjustable remote and now bagged and stored.

Then I cleaned the swingarm as its grubby especially around the hoop joint brackets and the chainside area and there is a lot of wear damage that all of them see to be like. I cleaned up all the nooks and crannies where the mudguard hugger mounts on the steel inserts and they will be painted by hand with a detail brush and black paint. I will try and dress some grazes out but there is no escaping the damage is permanent and is what it is.

The exhaust headers need some more detailed cleaning as the colours almost gold and I never realised until today the bottom is almost been flatted with obvious grounding out and has some scrapes. If I can find a cheap replacement I will get one.

More to do tomorrow and hope to start on the carbs soon.

But I managed to make a tank prob thanks to Darkness on UKMOC sending me sizes and pics. It still needs the rubber end and the black PVC will be replaced with rubberised sheathing once the coloured zinc plating is done.

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