Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Not much to shout about

As title says not much has happened other than minor cleaning as had a birthday and a bike magazine photoshoot over the weekend.

I still did some cleaning and parts searching so things are still important.

Right now tonight I have been cleaning up the fork yokes and getting there and just need to decide whether I can get the original one welded in the threads or use the later one as is still good. I still think they will need blasting to good overall finish or paint over which I am reluctant to do.

Rear shock pivots all good and clean so that's bagged and finished as is the gear lever and rod. I just need  back the replated L and R handed thread nuts to put them together. I have bagged a lot of stuff and put in the garage loft out of harms way trying to give my self space to build and get more organised.

Repainted the throttle housing in gloss black and looking better and can assemble that with the new cables which came.
The rear brake holder and slider is good and clean and bagged.

And the brake calipers are basically finished just awaiting fresh plated parts removed and new brake lines. Come out very nice in comparison to as in the beginning.


I have found the details of some parts never seen and seem to fit on the rear mudguard. Going to try and order the pair and looking also for the rubber fuel filter cup to use. I have ordered 20 nylon white washers for the front mudguard and tea tray fixings.


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