Thursday, 23 July 2015

Reservoir dogs

Time for some detailing and pairing colours to the reservoir master cylinders. The clutch is newer and casting says 07 whilst the brake is original 93. Slight variation in colours and one lid was attacked by peeling.

The levers were tbh fine condition apart from the brake was attacked on the ball by a scuff which I earlier polished out and was going to get both re-powdercoated but found the Plasticote paint very tough so I have overcoated both levers to see how they cope. Worse case scenario they get re-done later.

I had an idea with the indicator top yoke brackets where the location pins had snapped off. I didn't want to double bolt them on but wanted something that would not snap back off. I measured the location hole and was 5mm diameter and looked at a number plate screw and the M6 thread had a change in diameter to 5mm x 5mm long. Perfect if I get 2 in black and screw in to protrude and then nip the top off flush. I could glue them in but they wont go anywhere so I trialled them with the yellow ones. They work and another job nearly done .

Sorted out the rubber parts I need to order from Moto Rapido and sadly some parts not available that I wanted.

Here is the 2 packs of nylon washers for mudguards and tea tray.

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