Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Things getting a bit brighter

As I was away over the weekend little got done but got gifted some parts, picked up some parts and dropped off some parts for restore.

So the weekend was a bike show weekend and a great one at that and my host donated to me a pair of mirrors with one complete and better than mine, a brand new seat documents door, a number plate mounting plate which I never had. I also got 6 clutch springs and caps etc the correct 38mm length too and an oil filter. Headlight brackets but holes for indicators in and a couple of clutch plates.
Rally is taking the wheels and levers and rear suspension hoop to his powdercoaters to be gloss blacked and hoop yellow sometime this week.

I also got given a s2r tank prop from Martin (Uksurfer) which means I don't have to use my hand made one as it bent into the right shape and still the correct length too.

On the journey back I also popped into my good friend Martin (Mart64) to pick up the secondhand exhausts and take them back home for a clean.

So last night I got to clean the exhausts and tbh it didn't take long. Its the best £25 I have spent and just needed a wipe over with Sprint and a rag. I did slightly dress the burr of the scraped part and that may be slightly cleaned up further later but the odd mark is very minimal.

Here is before and the picture on the right is one clean one not.

Here is after a clean

Still had a wish list and put it up on the UKMOC forum and luckily someone read it that is making a different bike out of an early m900 and has these parts somewhere he thinks and should know by Thursday but that little rubber fuel filter cup could end up back on my bike with some luck. Other parts he may have too are a good chain side gold end plate, a better header system as mine is flat and scraped underneath, and a rear brake cylinder dust seal cover possibly the cylinder too.

Tonight on the way home I decided to see if I could get my frame powdercoated locally as I have a colour plate I checked against a Ducati Monster and a 916 with another mate and even he was impressed with the match but maybe slightly too glossy finish. I got recommended by the first point of call of a guy called Jay and popped in and he hopes he can get the same colour in a satin or a matt finish and will be in touch hopefully in a few days. He will also shot blast frame and my other parts like the footrests and hangers and fork yokes.

Just done the front indicator extensions and used some black number plate screws. Look alright and do the job well and good repair.

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