Thursday, 30 July 2015

Tidy Time

Wow things  are starting to come together and with some luck those parts I am desperate to get just to make it look right 100% may be coming my way.
I seem to have found that fuel filter rubber holder from a UKMOC member and a better exhaust without the grounding scrapes. Ok they don't show but I know they are there and the fact that exhausts are meant to be round is the key.

The supposed rubber holder which I know is correct and a correct pic below of one. The bottom pic of the headers I may be able to replace mine with too.


I cleaned up the headers anyhow over the last few days and tonight put them together to see how they look. I can still use them and if I get the other headers I still have to clean them back to good condition but can sell the others on as a complete unit with the other silencers.

I cleaned the brake pedal and has a slight graze on the lever obviously that right side tumble at some time. Still has a Cagiva logo moulded in though.

I assembled the throttle housing with the new cables I got on ebay. Just need to fit the new grips but will do that last.

Spent the rest of time re bagging some items and cleaning the work areas and garage so I can start getting my bike build table built soon to aid me later. Now when that's done I know I will be happy.

Got a section of original frame to take to the powdercoaters from my coffee table project so will compare when he has some samples.

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