Thursday, 2 July 2015

Well I have been busy and getting stuff done slowly and patiently and although I couldn't get her going again to do the oil pressure test at home I decided what the hell its coming out and will be on its way via Proteam Ducati to his mate Simon who is a ex Moto GP engine builder for Kevin Schwantz so he knows about engines. My friend  Scott also used him too so is recommended.

Last night after the epic non start fail I started the undoing of the rest of the components and exhaust came off in minutes and headers are clean and polished. I saw there is no clamp on the rear so need one of them.
The loom was removed as far as I could go and was left ready for tonights big drop.

So after dropping off oil pressure gauge to Al he lent me the engine trolley to help drop it out and it helps him to pick it up to get to his guy Simon.

Drained the oil as best I could but someone has mullered and rounded the sump plug so drained as best I could via the filter plug and found some interesting looking copper glitter which I guess shows some damage.

Removed the swingarm along with the rear shock and lowered bike down onto trolley.

And then the 2 bolts removed to drop an 1" or so and then I could remove the front end from the frame.

So to sum up.
All is good and carbs look dirty grubby and grimey but all good. The front forks are faded but no damage , I need a 14 mm key to undo axle and clean that up still.
The steering stop adjuster has stripped the thread in the bottom yoke so will either get both thread inserted or look at getting 2 at 10mm in size and re tap them.
The frame I will get repainted professionly not powdercoated and was thinking about doing it myself with RS paints mix as also the wheels as they are already powdercoated silver and decent to go over. save me faffing with cush joint removal too.
Just have to get all the bolts plated on the engine before it goes away  so they will all be off on Monday morning with the hoses and brackets.
Oh and another down side ... I received my log book tonight . NOT a 93 but a 94 of February 1994. Slightly disappointed but still an L reg.

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