Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Dilemma but an ok dilemma

Had a interesting couple of days pre stuff going off to professionals. I had decided on my finish of powdercoat and whom would do as no one else had a colour until last night a conversation with my buddy Rally who was saying he hoped to pick up my wheels today or tomorrow . He said his guy also has a colour the same as the frame of which we never knew or else he would have had that too right now. Rally is certain its as good a match as the colour plaque I have and he does it matte finish or laquer satin or gloss.
So the dilemma is do I take the frame to him whilst picking my wheels up and pick up when coming home from holiday or go with the original plan and drive further and have an overnight stay and then drive back up and then home. I am thinking the first one as long as the colours the same or better.

I got my switchgear tonight and didn't waste anytime dismantling the bodies for the components I needed to swap. I say swap because that's literally what I could only do. I just basically needed the top cover and also swapped the indicator switch as well as was a nicer brighter cleaner grey colour. I kept the lower because of the yellow dot on the horn and the elephant logo on the base. I now have good lettering on them.

I fitted them and the throttle body to the bars too.


I may pop the plating down on way home from work tomorrow instead of Friday as that may be to time constrained but there is a heck of a box in weight to be done.

I tried to bid a cheeky offer on a elephanted logo fuel cap buts its USA so postage is dear and item is $70 too. And its not perfect condition either.

I don't know whether I could engrave with a transfer to trace on my spare cap as I know where and how big now.

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