Thursday, 13 August 2015

Elephant in the room soon.

This my friends is the cherry on the tank cake. Found it on offer in USA where all the gold is for secondhand bike parts. Was buy now for $45 or offer so I offered $35 and £16 post so its about £39. When you consider I would have had to get mine engraved or botched it and re finished the colour its worth it and mine is in such nice condition and saleable.

Took my plating to my friend Raccoon ( Mark ) who is a top 2 stroke engine builder and has a brilliant plater friend who does a top job with anything. Glad I reminded Mark that the colour is Coloured Zinc and not Bright Zinc.

By next weekend the box of bits will be shiney like gold and things will be looking better.

Tomorrow see's the frame going down and possibly a picture of the wheels and hoop and levers.

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