Monday, 24 August 2015

Exhausted once again.

Got up really early and decided to go to the garage to play with the exhaust and make that bracket for me to be able to use the fuel tap and fit in amongst the fuel filter as a bit tight for space.
I used a paper template and took the frame outside on the patio table with the tank on it. Found a good compromise for position that seems to function ok giving me the 90 degrees of turn I need. In the event I can remove it too thus keeping tank full of fuel.

I fabricated the bracket out of steel and fitted it to the fuel filter bracket by drilling and tapping a m5 hole in case I decide not to use again it simply will have a small hole which can be covered up. I did contemplate welding it on but instead it will be powder coated at the same time tomorrow as a separate unit. I had to drill and tap the bracket with smaller screws to hold the  M6 gutter nuts which Big Oz tacked to it tonight. He also neatly welded to small cracks in that fuel tank mount plate to stop the crack ever getting longer than the 5mm they were.

Big Oz is also attempting sometime to weld some aluminium into the worn thread on the lower yoke so we can drill and re tap M8mm again for the lock stops before I get them all vapour blasted.
Also have a plan of action for the exhaust header repair to the outlet area cover sheathing which will be explained later on here, I am getting some 42mm dia copper pipe to slip it in so welding can be repaired.

The exhaust was well very shabby unclean filthy. Cheap mind but wasn't sure what was underneath the surface.

Well I found out and 2 hours later it started to look decent but needs more rubbing down and polishing and maybe some harsher abrasion on the front down pipe.

There is a slight scratch underneath but never as much as my original one and very pleasing to use it.
I also have a plan to repair the rear exhaust clamp but need to cut off the stripped tube nut side off and replace with another piece of 12 mm diameter stainless tapped through M8 and get welded back on.
The ends of the outlets have a shield where the silencers sleeve together and someone had weld a set of exhaust in 4 places per can at some time so there are tears at every 90 degrees. The plan is to get the copper tube slipped down between so the stainless will only attach itself to the stainless and not the copper and then can be dressed and re-profiled.

The frame is in the car and the bracket and 2 bar ends to be dropped of tomorrow dinnertime in Redditch and picked up Wednesday or Thursday .

I also am taking the wheel I picked up on Saturday to be redone as somehow it has 3 big chips on the edge and cannot be disguised and is bloody annoying as I took so much care with soft fabrics around it. I blame myself but that's life but tonight I also noticed the cush drive holes had powdercoat in them so would have been a mare to clean out. This way they get shot blasted clean again and masked up next time.

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