Saturday, 29 August 2015


Frame is back after a 3 day away waiting for it to be done and collected. Luckily stayed at my sisters for a break. Redditch Powdercoaters did the job for me and I gave them an extra wheel and footrest hangers to do as well.

So I was pleased with the results and no sleepness nights thank goodness. My first thoughts were mixed as I was just glad to pick up and drive the 170 miles back home but once indoors with the original frame tube it looks good.

Can get on with stuff now slowly but have to build my bike work table which needs to be welded and bolted together and have a deck bolted on.
I need some wheel bearings now to replace the possibly ok ones but may as well do again. Disc is now on and pleased the cush drive holes were masked properly this time.

I decided to powdercoat the black painted footrest hangers as I wanted firstly rid of the black and secondly to see what it looks like first. It costs the same to powdercoat than to vapour blast them so no brainer anyhow and it may wear well.

Bar ends were done too.

Started to put bolts together and looking good.

Found another Elephant on the bottom of footrests.

Be getting on much more now.

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