Sunday, 30 August 2015

Getting it together

Today was trial build day with a serious element of making sure correct use of bolts in right places. Enjoyed it very much and less bolts to use and components together,

First I kind of got the look of the bike to check the look of the colour of the frame.

Then I started putting bits on like tank hinge, airbox, seat key and latch, airbox breather, rear shock pivot, rear undertray, fusebox mount and ignition switch.

Then I started building the righthand footrest by fitting the new gaiter to the refurbished cylinder and fitted the fluid tank with new clips and fresh plated bolts and fitments. Fitted the carbon fibre exhaust guard too.

The same regarding the gearchange side too and also has new rose joints.

Rear end is complete and rubber bushes fitted properly. Just needs wiring tidied and clipped in place.

Seat cowl has my homemade brackets fitted and the clip is also plated freshly.

I removed the masking tape from the front brake discs I painted a few months ago. Got rid of the tacky residue with Desolve fluid but will need a de greaser before using in case. Really pleased with my masking up and the colour choice too. Fitted them to the black rim with the plated bolts but not tightly as bearings have to be ordered and fitted first. Will order them tonight I think.

Then started fitting the front end together using a spare lower yoke whilst mine is repair welded on the lock stop. They will then be vapour blasted before final tightening fit. Gives me a chance to make sure I have all together and the bolts were correct length for purpose and type.

Bar ends were also fitted and look good as were from an s2r 1000.

Brake and clutch levers both fitted to their master cylinder units that were repainted satin black. Nice bright fittings look great now. Just have to make another brake switch pin as lost it when it fell out.

The fitment of the bracket for the fuel tap was also done and blends ok now frame colour.

Good days work and pleasing too.

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