Wednesday, 5 August 2015

News and thats all

Just news today but parts still on their way. Received a newish looking sprocket clamp washer as mine was toothless it  seems and this was just £2.50 against a new one £6 and that included post.
Ordered and due is the petrol filter for the rubber cup which may be fixed as a dummy now and have coming from Germany the new tank clip and brake rear cylinder dust cover and a new 90 degree elbow and seal and a pair of front indicator extension mount rubbers.

Now the frame issue with powdercoat. The ocal guy couldn't find a good colour match to my sample as much as he tried so I then phoned the nice peeps who made the sample to try and get a RAL number from them. That's where it all failed because they make it specially as a custom colour BUT they make it in a satin finish too so plan now is to wait for the sample to come in the post and then when on holiday in a few weeks time drive the frame to Redditch ( 170 miles) and then stay at my sisters for a few days while its done. Whats made me decide is the price of £85 plus vat .

That's all for now/

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