Sunday, 23 August 2015

Rebuilding starting to happen

After a weeks break in Cornwall life got back to doing some  jobs today. Last week I took plating in and picked it up on Saturday on the way home along with a pair of gloss blacked wheels and yellow suspension hoop.

Today the bolts etc came out and got sorted into order of some sort and done some light assembling. The oil lines were also done but are maybe too gold in the braid part but will dull down I reckon. I never tbh expected that to take the colour but it did.

I also got some parts from German  parts place Stein Dinse so can finish brake parts.

Got my nice fuel tank cap with the elephant on from USA.

Lukas from UKMOC sent me the exhaust header system and clamp and that piece of rocking horse pooh the fuel filter holder.

Here is the story in pictures and tomorrow the headers will be cleaned up.

Tomorrow night the frame is having a minor weld on a bracket before going to powdercoat on Tuesday but being done on Wednesday.

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