Monday, 10 August 2015

The last things before all goes away

Very little has happened over the last few days other than decisions and trying to make better stuff that is not quite right.
I was lucky enough to find tonight a pair of Ducati bar ends in a batch for sale so the guy QBA sold me them for an offer. I was pleased with my offer so that's another thing off my list.

I was busy working on Saturday so nothing got done and yesterday was spent sorting bits and bobs in the plating box and did the petrol tank hinge once I removed the nylon bushes and cleaned off a welding snot that was nagging me. I may well have overdone the amount of nuts and bolts for plating but I  may as well have as many to choose from as I can.

I was browsing tonight at the Stein- dins site searching for bits I may have missed and realised I have a cable bracket missing from in front of the oil pressure switch. Its made of plate steel so looked for a picture on the site which is very  handy and will help me no end to put it back correctly no doubt.

20 minutes later the bracket was born and hole drilled and thrown into the plating box for this Friday. Only thing I haven't managed to do is the throttle cable bracket on the carbs as the screws don't want to undo without massive force and the coil mounting plate which is not too bad. I will try tomorrow as a last ditched effort.

I picked up a pair of nice Monster fitting paddock stands secondhand today from a Belgian acquaintance and both are decent condition and very strong and the front one fits under the fork bottoms neatly.

Just this moment bought a  decent secondhand switchgear off a 748 on ebay because it has the writing on the switches whereas mine has rubbed off. Its detail that I want so will have to take the plunge. I will sell my working one once I know its as it should be even if just swap the bodies over. This one doesn't have the yellow dot on the horn but maybe possible to swap it over. There was one correct like mine but writing also was fading and the price was £46 and the other was £39 inc post so I know the value of mine secondhand .

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