Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A few minor repairs

Little work done tbh that notices but trying to put the loom in ready and attach stuff knowing all correct placed and correct bolts etc. Yesterday I routed the loom through and realised how the rectifier now fits with this odd bracket ( normally 2 and odd ones at that ?? ) not shown on a diagram but its looking from scanning others bikes its a replacement one with different hole centres. So it has this bracket that you fit offset to a triangle. Looks fine and that's ok.

Fitted the fuel pump again like the rectifier using 2 fittings which seems unnecessary so that's in place.

Fuse box fitted but tonight realised cable should go out the side not forwards to front so need to rectify that and figured out correct bolts for fitting.

Fitted connectors to the tail light. Someone had put colours of cables on back. Thanks for that.           

Tonight I repaired the rear lights loom. 2 repairs needed to the number plate light connectors where yellow and black had been cut into and corroded and yellow broke. Cut them back and used new connectors and original cover sleeves in black rubber. The square front connector block had 2 indicator wires resoldered ? and then taped over poorly. Retaped them neater as I couldn't unsolder them and put shrink cover over and then cut some pvc sheathing over and taped neatly.

I then did the starter motor relay as it has obviously been replaced and a piece too long spliced in. My thinking was to put a 2 pin connector in and solder the cables to it as don't have a new kit. Its now done and now horrible wrongly coloured cables and tape coupling them together and being 6" too long.

Next job tonight was faffing about the frame number. Whilst I am glad it was masked over it was not done as neatly as I would expect and wonky and to me it looks like it was shotblasted cleanly over that area and I was having to scrape away a layer of old paint and primer. Maybe the frame was gold under that silver I reckon. I masked around it and carefully scraped away to the edge and did as much as I could without taking metal off the dot matrix stamping. If I was clever I could centre punch every dot which if honest is a good idea and would also get stuff out of the holes. I will look for a colour similar from a model shop tomorrow to lightly paint the inset bare metal  and lacquer over it neatly afterwards.

I fitted the swingarm loosely together again to manage bolts and screws and to keep stuff together rather than loose in bags. I had to slightly straighten the hoop bracket on one side as was slightly angled over so bearings were awkward to fit in between. Ok now though and also had to tap 2 rear hugger brackets more vertical too.


Another point I never really took notice of until pointed out was the gear change lever was from a newer type Ducati so found a correct secondhand one on ebay for £27 complete with linkage but does need a careful minor straightening. £50 for a new gear lever on its own. Can sell my other one on ebay.

Ordered all the wheel bearings x 5 from Wemoto so wheels can be built onto axles without tyres.

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