Saturday, 5 September 2015

Gear lever arrived.

Nothing hardly to report.

Except the secondhand gear change lever assembly arrived safely at Argos for me to pick up. I was very pleased after opening the box as fairly tidy and only a tad bent inwards.
Got it home and straightened the lever gently and refitted the new rose joints and used the better link rod and fitted to the hanger assembly.

Today I have done nothing today neither will have done tomorrow. But the replacement front wheel bearings should be with me after Wemoto got them wrong on or after Tuesday.

The replacement e clips in stainless steel for the footrest pivot pins which need to be 4mm..

10 replacement nylon penny washers in black for the rear hugger and chain guide.

And 500mm of 12mm silicone black rubber pipe for the carb breather pipes where they are covered with the plated spring.

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