Thursday, 24 September 2015

Not much happening.

Got home and sadly just a post office card for me to pick up bits from sorting office tomorrow as usual with them. That will be the Moto Rapido stuff. I have to get them to order me a new set of exhaust manifold semi rings as one is odd and the rest are pretty scabby. I have cleaned up the clamps and they are now decent and painted with BBQ black paint and baked.

The exhaust header is now ready for Big Oz and have made it as good and simple for him to weld repair but that wont be until after the weekend but once I pick up the repaired yoke it will be going straight to the vapour blasters who has priced all 3 bits  at £10 each which is reasonable enough.

I have repaired the pair of carb breather tubes which enter the pods with the 20mm heat shrink I got yesterday. Only used 2 x30mm of the 1m length as in the end I didn't have to put any on the oil cooler hose as that's from 1996 models where they put a piece across where it goes past the horizontal belt cover.
The heat shrink goes down 50% and it had to go down to 12mm diameter  but over a 14mm shoulder ( as to why I never got the next size down at 13mm )so well within the range.

Have ordered the 8mm breather pipe from China in a 3m length but made an offer on ebay for £10 a genuine used pair from a breaker but he wanted £18 inc post. I doubt he will take it though.

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