Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Few things happened for some progress.
I picked up the original bottom yoke from Big Oz last night that he welded up the stripped thread with fresh aluminium. I got it home and measured the correct spacing and drilled and tapped M8 again.

I also dropped of the main exhaust header to Big Oz and he looked confident with my efforts at trying to get a good prep with the copper pipe I provided.

I took the yokes and sprocket carrier to TSR vapour blasting this afternoon so hope they can sort asap giving me a chance to build bike up on the lift at the weekend if I am lucky.

Just seen some progress pictures on Facebook by Big Oz on the weld repair on the header and he as always is making a superb job. I may have some polishing to do know but that's fine and all I wanted was the holes filled and not ragged and being able to catch a finger on cleaning.


I am hoping to have either an as new seat soon or a brand new one from Italy if I can be assured it is the same fitment on the front radius on the seat. Also got a original set of mirrors if needed but the replacement cheaper pattern ones may have arrived at post office today and will see how close to original look they are before deciding to fit.

Ordered a pack of stainless steel screws for the front brake light switch as they are steel and all rust so thought stainless would be nicer and look like new again. They are M2 x 16mm so may need a trim on length and have stainless nuts too. I could sell the remaining 8 as 4 sets to others to swap.

Also started making another frame number plate so the rivets will not interfere with the old numbers.

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