Monday, 21 September 2015


Small updates only I am afraid.
Ordered some more final parts from Moto Rapido the helpful Ducati dealership who bend over backwards and supply spares quickly and give UKMOC a discount.
Some new damper rubbers to replace some cracked perished ones.
Exhaust hanger damper
Footrest hanger damper
3 O'rings for brake pedal and gear shift
A spare Ducati logo'd key blank as a spare
Exhaust gaskets
Carb inlet gaskets
6 cush drive bushes for the rear wheel
Brake switch actuator pin.

Some nice UKMOC people sent me a couple of spares to use and refurbish like another rear brake line which I will use complete as the bracket mount and rubbers better than mine so will be getting that zinc plated along with some other parts I never had and a few pieces done again as modified. I can then use the brake hose spring cover on the carburettor hose I have missing.
I also got a carb breather tube I was missing. I have ordered some shrink cover to cover part of mine so I can use it again. Just the end where it fits over the tube filter.
I need some carb drain tubes I have spotted so on the look for a pair or pipe of a similar dimension.
I got my new replacement seat cowl from Ducati Wolverhampton I won on ebay. Badly described without the information about chips scuffs and one mount broken and insert missing.

Its ok though generally and already cleaned it up to a decent condition and fixed the mount like the original look and didn't have to reinforce it like my last one. That ones on ebay now to get me my money back and repainted and lacquered with a decal. The decals are poor though and will not be putting one on this new cowl as colour and finish is poor to an original one. Image Works are trying to sort me one out now.

I ordered some number stamps so I could sort out my now naff frame number I tried to make better. I never wanted it this way but to be honest I never had a choice so the best way is to make my own and rivet or stick it over and if the law doesn't believe me it can be removed to show the original and I have photographs. I have made 2 copies in case I get one powdercoated at some point the same colour to blend in. The bonus of my alloy version is that the cables wont wear across the powdercoated frame now.

I made another cable retainer for the left hand side I never saw so will be another one like this.

I hope to pick up the repaired lower yoke this week and give Andy the exhaust to start repairing the stainless steel header ends. The yokes I want to get to vapour blasting by the end of the week if I can.
I hope I can get it started being built up properly on my bike lift by the end of the month and stuff fitted properly with Loctite and finished not loose. I refitted the front wheel bearing as was a too loose fit. I centre popped the alloy wheel in some areas and all is now good.
Still don't have a tyre choice made as yet.
No news on the engine still but no news is usually good news.

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