Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Clock is ticking

Having a great few days feeling motivated knowing things happening for this coming weekend.
I know now my stuff at TSR vapour blasters is ready this Thursday and £40.
I know I have a parcel to pick up tomorrow but is it the long awaited breather pipes or the lucky find swingarm end plates which are better than mine at least the chain side one.

The better ones bought from Ebay

I know that Andy Osborne is a fantastic mate to have.

Andy did my exhaust repair and its great.

My decent D.I.D chain and new Renthal sprockets ready to fit on the sprocket carrier and the second needed bearing came today from Wemoto.

Garage is getting tidier slowly. Once the frames built on forks etc the parts bins will empty quickly.

The plates have gone on the frame and the frame plate I made is now better.

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