Thursday, 29 October 2015

Here we go then. We are moving again.

Been a week or so since last posting but things are happening for the good.

Wheels have tyres on and finished off with new bearings and all looking good as new.

The Ebay fuel tank arrived on Monday to my delight and is very decent condition albeit the 2 dents which my good friend and me will try and pull the dents out very soon to eliminate as much filler as possible. The hinge area is like new with no signs of rust or stress. Inside the tank looks rust free too. Just need to remove a snapped bolt from where the fuel cap ring bolts to the tank.

Ordered a fuel petcock (tap) that's missing on mine and this tank to make it correct and be able to turn it off if needed.

Ordered what I believe are good enough oil stickers for the clutch side casing as recommended by another.

Now the best news..
The engine is back at home in the garage on the bench and getting restored now the crank has been sorted and 6th gears replaced. It cost me £784 for the work and that's less than I expected if honest.

I only started cleaning it up tonight but its happening at least. The paint is soft and has been painted over the old stuff poorly including the barrels. So far I am concentrating on one side at a time but am also thinking the possibility of removing heads and barrels and getting them vapour blasted.

Engine looks like slightly later than original as 95 cast in the casings.

One are shows me concern on the sump where it looks like a heavy dink and slight crack. No oil has leaked but I need to know if it can be repaired in case or do I use JB weld to cover over. My engine builder would have seen inside I would have thought.

So I am happy to carry on cleaning the engine up slowly.

Oh the other day I did a favour for a friend and built up the rear swingarm and managed to also fabricate a rough mount for the Ohlins remote under the frame in between the shock and loop. Now I know it works my friend will make one and weld it neatly together from thicker  sheet.

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