Thursday, 8 October 2015

News News and just stuff.

So where was we last time. Ah a few issues on rectifier mounting place.

Well first the NEWS is that Al @ Ducati Proteam told me today I may get engine back end of next week but a few weeks is ok with me.
The downside is that the crank bearings failure has damage also the 6th gears and are on order at around £200 plus all the rest. That means at least she will have a clean bill of health and at least everything has been checked whilst apart.

So the carb breather pipes I bought on Ebay got lost in the post but money refunded and so wanted original ones.

I got the swingarm  axle adjuster end plates on now and used a decent pair but they machine them oddly and one has 2 cast edges and one has 1


Spocket bearings fitted now with circlip in and new sprocket fitted. Looks so much nicer now and glad I spent a few quid more.

Rectifier now fitted in a position where it doesn't hit the steering after putting the bracket the other end.

Last night saw me put the front fork in the vapour blasted yokes and what a great job TSR did on them. Almost look brand new.

I set the forks height at 10mm from the top yoke and clamped the bolts up after running a tap to clear out any residue which there was a fair amount of sludge.

Rear end is held up by an axle stand under the point where the Ohlins remote will mount and feels fairly sturdy.

I fitted the hangers just in case I invert the footrests and use axle stands under them as cannot fix swingarm until engine is in.

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