Saturday, 17 October 2015

Thank you Ebay

Sometimes lady luck is on your side. I won that fuel tank on Ebay for £30 plus the £13.30p postage and no one else bid. I put a top bid of £136 but only because I really wanted it because its a correct for year one.

I can now repair the dents and possibly get the hinge area strengthened around the brazing for any future incidents as It will be resprayed and probably with the seat cowl too now.

The tank looks like possibly the sender unit may have split as has cable ties around it but hopefully mine can be swapped.

Also looks like it has the correct tank clip too , the one I just bought for mine a few weeks back. That can go on Ebay.  Makes you laugh its nearly valued at the price of the tank what I paid for it anyhow.

That is one huge relief gone now and was a bit anxious about over bidding for something I am just replacing for a cosmetic detail. Will get the new decals ordered for it in the meantime too and since found out I have the one for the clutch side casing wrong for the year too. Ducati used to be tied to Agip as in the tank decal for fuels and oil recommended and early bikes would have yellow Agip down there and not the Shell one.


I also ordered myself a mini torque wrench for bolting it all together properly. That size should help me get the correct tightness.

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