Tuesday, 13 October 2015


More parts delivered and the pleasure has returned but in a now relaxed manner.
So what's new is that the Michelin Pilot tyres arrived so will be off to be fitted as soon as I receive some angled tyre valves in black and hoping by end of day Thursday. If I can get them fitted over the weekend that will be good. I did and glad I went for the 170 width and a decent price for a pair.


Today the decals arrived from Image Works and really pleased with them ( except would have preferred individual letters on the seat cowl one and not printed within a clear ) and wonder whether get them lacquered over if I fill the odd paint chips in first.

The Image Works decals.

The naff ones I got before


Also received the tank Agip one and fitted that and a shell one for the engine case once that gets painted and one for a fairing if I ever decide to find and fit one on.

I stamped the seat cowl brackets up as per spec in Italian left and right I guess, S and D. Whilst I may now have to replate other stuff when engine returns I will also slot out the bolt holes for more adjustment and replate them again.

Front end is pretty much all together now and need to fit indicator leads. I thought I may have been able to clean the inside of the headlight glass as looks a bit milky but I cannot get in there and its a sealed unit.

Still have to get that very short brake hose made up to link master cylinder to the splitter valve.

Tinkering basically for a week I think.

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