Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Heads off Barrels off

Well all is moving on  slowly but with every step forward always one backwards too. Nothing major but things I was hoping not to but happy to do if needed.

When I got the engine back I knew deep down I wouldn't be satisfied just cleaning and painting because it is too far gone for a touch up. The front cylinder always catches the road wear and tear and is pretty shoddy after trying to clean it. Almost impossible to get in the nooks and crannies. So yesterday I took the heads off and tonight the barrels off too. Sadly and annoyingly the bottom oil ring is broken and I never badly handled it so could have been fractured. So that's probably good idea to replace both sets of rings before fitting.

As it stands the engine is ready to clean up carefully once I tape over all the holes where dust and crap can enter the crankcases. Ideally I would also like to remove the starter motor too but that means casings off again. Maybe I will.

The heads and barrels are going back to Alec @ Proteam tomorrow to have him remove the cam pulleys ( I needed to make a special socket or get him to do it ) the cams and followers and the belt guides. And them they will go to Dave @ TSR vapour blasting to get the fresh and new looking again along with the valve covers and carb inlets too.

Cleaned up all the D washers and head nuts to go to plating along with the crankcase and clutch bolts.

Crank cases are 1995
Heads are 1993
Barrels are 1992

Pics from yesterday and today

Now have a shopping list of more parts.

Set of piston rings.
Top end rebuild gasket set ( £27 )
Piston circlips to gudgeon pin.
Drain plug bolt ( magnetic)
Clutch plates
Clutch pressure plate bearing.
New bearings for belt adjusters x 4
Guide roller bearings x 2
Oil cooler rubber mounts x 2
Speedometer seal
Footrest ball bearings x 4
Oil feed plate x 1

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