Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Its getting colder.

Brrr evenings and days have been cold and cant see much progress really. Tonight I was fettling the alternator cover and is virtually there now removed of all traces of paint.

This afternoon I was remaking the seat fixing mount middle section for the new or the spare seat as I decided yesterdays effort was not accurate enough and was 1.5mm too narrow and the whole where the pin went was too big. I remade it with more precision this time and its a much better job so just needs welding now and then plating it coloured zinc with the rest.

Today I also repaired the alternator cables that come out of the casing as one has the outer sheathing split. I bought some multi sized packs of shrink sheathing in black and some clear the other day but only recieved the black so far so have just done the black so far and looks much neater and repaired.

I had to remove the white Ducati logo'd sheath covers to get the shrink wrap over but they were dirty and split anyhow and now they are clean and will be refitted over the connectors and clear shrink covered just to keep them as was and safe. Will photograph them when done.

Expecting the mirrors anytime now so hope they are all safe and sound somewhere near the UK.

I saw a original new 1993 Ducati Monster owners manual too on Ebay in USA so decided I would buy it to stick in the seat compartment.

I may be lucky to pick up the heads etc this week when I go back to work tomorrow from having a few days relaxing.

Will be also searching for the paint I need for the camshaft covers and valve covers as they are not black but a greyish with a green tint and also looking for that silver engine paint.

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