Monday, 16 November 2015

Little by little

Generally not much happening but still cleaning up the engine block a bit at a time. It doesn't make it easy being damp and dark in the evenings. The heads and barrels are away and may be back this week with a bit of luck.

But I believe I have sourced a closer rocker from a friend on UKMOC and should know in a few days when he is back from Italy.

I think my brand new seat from Italy has arrived but missed the mail today. Its my xmas present from Caroline as I asked for it.

Together with getting a seat I am anytime now due a great find of the correct year tool roll from the USA which I got for £13 with tools and in great condition. Really pleased I got that as would have had any old Ducati one if honest but this has correct logo fonts.

Yesterday I only done a little work on bike but what I did was well worthwhile. The other evening I stripped the alternator casing off so I could do 2 things. Clean the casing behind the starter motor and actually restore the paint on the starter motor. I removed the long bolts for plating and rubbed down the motor avoiding the original decal to keep as is complete with marks. I masked over the decal and gave it 2-3 light coats of paint and looks great now even with the inperfect decal. Just needs the plated bolts and plated nuts to be fitted later.

I also by hand removed the paint and possibly powdercoat from the 2 camshaft bearing covers. Ideally I would have preferred them to have been blasted with the other parts but I was reluctant to remove the bearings from them. They were really a pain to get done but they looked pretty good before painting. A few light coats of black and look really great like the motor. Once I get the other cover plates back I will also do them straight away to match them.

Cleaned up the 4 valves of their carbon deposits. Pretty well coated with carbon but look ok now. I will lap them in myself as soon as heads are back. One of the exhaust valves looked like it definitely needed lapping in.

I removed the last few bolts from the engine block one at a time and replaced with some spare stainless steel ones temporarily whilst they are away being coloured zinc plated with the rest of the stuff. I had to wire wheel them all again and anymore extra stuff just in case.
They should be sent away this week with some luck and take a week or so.

In the meantime I need to order just a small amount of stuff from Moto Rapido.
2 oil cooler mounts
1 oil breather pipe
Top end gasket kit
Various oil seals
Gasket for the starter motor
Clutch plates.
5 new bearings 1 for clutch pressure plate and 4 for the belt followers.

More results soon hopefully.

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