Sunday, 29 November 2015

Little progress

Nothing much moved forward due to being off sick and under the weather but a result in the fact that I came across a badly listed pair of early front forks last week on Ebay and not listed in Ducati parts which meant little viewing I imagine as I was it seems the only bidder and got them for the entry price of £60 plus the £15 post.
Why do I want them you may ask !  Purely because mine are slightly less attractive and gold is more faded out than I would like. Reanodising would be great but tedious and costly and I doubt if the correct colour could be got. Also I don't particularly like the Datatag lettering on them bee t on the rear hidden. Don't get me wrong they are fine clean straight rust free but don't excite me being faded. These will be sold on as soon as I can to replenish the funds and were bought by the proceeds of selling a spare pair of Hagon rear springs for a TT500 I bought years ago and sat in the cupboard so its a bonus for me to have the cash to spend.

It may well be a case of swapping the legs from my originals if the chrome on the one leg has been rubbed back but been told one has been re-chromed.

Engine is now ready for painting other than scouring down all over once I get the welding on the sump done if needed but I feel its worth doing anyhow just to pretty up the surface and then not seeing a dink. I also need a plan of a warm dry place to do this and it may not happen until next year now as I don't want to race to finish it badly. You can also see the better ends now sheathed in black and clear heatshrink for the alternator cables.

I made another issue go away on this Ebay fuel tank I got a few weeks back. The thread that holds the filler cap mount ring had a bolt broken in it so carefully I drilled it through and out with various drills and trying to avoid drilling too deep and keeping the thread intact. I never drilled through but the M5 thread was shagged and maybe why the bolt was bust and rusted. I tapped it larger to M6 so its still ok but will need to clear the hole on the mount ring by an extra 1mm.
Still have yet to decide how to attack the dents on the tank or best leave it all to a specialist to pull and fill as one of them will need also to be pushed in too.

Still waiting on the mirrors and the owners manual but received the closer rocker from Tim on the UKMOC forum to replace the broken one. That's now in the heads parts bin ready to get reassembled asap.

Pictures of the new seat which came from Italy and that's now wrapped up ready for later with the tool roll for fitting on the bike once ready.

Still not sent off the plating as have yet to get a few bits finished welded and have another few pieces I have decided to clean up and plate for the hell of it. That's the 2 back plates from the cambelt gears.
Think I have an issue still with the clutch drum that is now bothering me. Originally before sending the engine away I felt play in and out. Since crank has been done the play is now worse and either the drum has not been tightened correct or the shaft or bore is worn and is moves more. Could cost me another £100 on another drum now too.

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  1. Enjoying your rebuilt story. I had a similar problem with clutch end float on my '93 900 - it was bad enough for the springs to be grazing the inside of the cover. Check the amount of wear below the big washer. A new centre assembly sorted mine out. Check the comparison between old and new, to get an idea of the depth of wear, check the Cagiva elephant.