Monday, 22 February 2016

I am still here do not panic

Sorry to all that read my posts on a regular basis but I have not been doing anything to the bike for the last few months. Too many things in my life have meant it went on the back burner and my plan to ride it to my wedding I decided to cancel doing as money was just to tight to fast forward it.
So my plan now is to get married in 5 weeks and 4 days time then when back from a week away the weather will be nicer and time will be with me to persevere onwards.

Now I have not been idle but have been still looking for parts I may want later on so I chanced on getting a front fairing even though I said I wouldn't as wasn't released until 1996 models. I came upon a decent looking yellow one with no screen or brackets and thought I could fabricate them and buy a screen or make one from sheet plastic from work.

I got it for £35 and I put out a request on UKMOC for borrowing a bracket to copy size wise as the only ones I see are in USA for sale with large transport costs as most never seem to have both L and R.

I struck lucky with 2 offers of brackets but one came complete with the fairing and screen and the others were maybe bent which was ok too.
As you can imagine the best way was the whole thing and will hopefully pick up soon as it was the club President who so kindly offered it to me for a generous donation to a good cause. I will sell the other one on to recoup my money and see whether the condition is good enough not to be re-sprayed or I will get it done along with the correct year tank and the seat cowl all at the same time. Luckily I ordered a front fairing decal along with the rear cowl one but I still need tank ones at some point.

I aim to paint the engine cases and heads and barrels in the next few weeks but only if the weather starts warming up but I am going to purchase a small plastic portable greenhouse to spray it in with a oil filled radiator.

Obviously this means I doubt it will be done for this years Monster Weekender and am not planning it to be done for it either. I have decided not to rush and its done when its done but I want it right.

List of things I have to do are...
Front spare forks I will get professionally rebuilt by K tech or Maxton but visually the same outside.
Heads need rebuilding back up now.
Tank once undented as best we can needs filling and spraying along with any other bodywork.
Fuel pump needs gasket
Starter motor needs gasket
Brakes need new pads
Ohlins rear shock needs the new mounting bracket fabricating by me and Big Oz
I need to send off the rest of the bolts for re-plating
I still need possibly one new mirror as one has a chip in the glass.
Need to order from Moto Rapido
Gasket set
Oil line plate triangular one
Oil cooler rubber mounts x 2
Decals for tank from Image Works
Spare key needs cutting same as original.
I may spray the rear footrest hangers silver over the powdercoat as not 100% happy with shade of colour but at least they are protected from the elements.
Still need to make the round bar nut to get welded on the rear exhaust clamp to replace the knackered fitting one.
Other than that its almost done he says !!!!

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