Monday, 14 March 2016

Resto restarting again

Hi peeps its starting to happen again now. A little more is starting to begin to be done. Not much but some ticking of boxes for sure.

So we can start where we left off last time with the saga of the red early fairing from UKMOC club president Slob. I picked it up yesterday all dusty dirty and used looking but totally all there. I took it home and got it dismantled and got to it with cleaner, T cut and polish. 

Results were very good and a definite no need for painting a its good enough for using as it is. A few chips on the edges and minor scratches which with further polishing may improve.

That's now on the bike for a trial fit and bolt length check as I need to also measure for some spacers to be made courtesy of Slob on his lathe. I managed to find the decal Image Works made for me pre-thinking I would need one at sometime when I got the seat cowl one done.

Ok going back a few months I got back the head barrels and valve covers from TSR vapour blasting. Done a great job of them as per usual and just waiting to be painted once the warmer weather gets here and I can do them outside but in a sheltered possibly plastic greenhouse thingy.

I hope to show more proper work soon with some finished things and in the mean time I will get married.

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