Sunday, 21 May 2017

Saturday a bit more done and Sunday some fork and barrel work

Saturday was tidying around fitting looms properly with the rubber tie bands correct in number and position too. Loom in right way and some pieces fitted to the bike to stop from being lost or damaged. Fitted the NOS gear lever from the decent secondhand one. Tanks on temporarily whilst my correct one gets painted up. Bit of carbon added but only OEM parts.

Little bit of progress on Sunday once I had a tidy up giving myself room to use the bench. As it was a nice sunny day I masked off the barrels and painted them black and looking very decent to how they was on the engine originally but paint took straight to the vapour blasted metal.

Then this afternoon I started taking the front Showa forks apart so I could swap out the anodised tubes as my originals are very faded out from gold.
The first one was harder than the second but done two so far of one side and will do the other sides tomorrow and ordering new full seals and bushes and oil.

Something unexpected came up for sale yesterday that I just decided to buy as mine has a scrape on the speedo case is a NOS speedo case and top cover.

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