Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Wow over a year gone by

Im sorry for being away from the project but nothing happened to it until literally a month ago. Life has had its ups and down with me getting married , grandchildren time I could never get back, illness and the sad demise of my mother. But it all starts again with some enthusiasm and vigour and I have patience back.

I left the bike in a state of I was not happy with the frame colour after being guide to it as a close powdercoat. It was vastly wrong so I set out with the borrowed frame hoop from a fellow monster owner Mark and got it colour matched to some rattle cans and lacquer.

I painted it a month ago but once again I doubted something I did very wrong and needed changing. That error was a frame number plate tag I stamped because the dot matrix numbers were not visible enough. I then feathered back the powdercoat to reveal more and lightly over sprayed the area before lacquering over it all tonight.
The feedback from early monster owners has been positive on colour which is such a relief.

The frame is now back on the bike lift ready for putting loom and other parts back to where it was and now the engine casings barrels and heads can be painted asap before they go to Ducati specialist Alec Short to build it up to a running unit again.

Frame pictures

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