Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Due to engine still away finding it hard to get stuff done so looking for work on small stuff. I got at least my next exhaust decent enough to use. I now have 6 exhausts 3 right 3 left inc 1 without chamfer.


I got the 2 small 8mm collars to fix the 2 carb breather tubes on the carb bottoms. They work fine and not in view anyhow.

The seat catch is now done and painted and fitted back on the frame and the same colour.

I painted the dome bolts for the chain guide and rear hugger mudguard with Protect gloss black with a satin lacquer as they were originally black.

I did however change the correct fitting on the rear mount for a spare one painted black too in replacement for a bright zinc plated m6 caphead allen bolt and washers which looks so out of place in my opinion. I can still put it back but I prefer my way.

Expecting the decals tomorrow and maybe just maybe some news of engine would be good but not an issue.

At least now getting some use from my special wedding present of a Ducati service coat and yes its an official one..

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  1. I have an early 1994 last 4 of the vin 0898
    I have some ?’s and need some parts.
    My email is ahs247@icloud.com
    Btw my name is Trevor.