Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Flaps for mudguard

Not everyones idea of cool but if the parts book has them then that's what is being fitted or may have been once and removed. The two left and right deflectors for rain and crud from the tyre and chain that go either side of the mudguard.

I saw them a long time ago and tried to order from Ducati but they said they don't have any and saw some on Monster forum so checked on Stein Dinse and a only 5 euros a pair so also needed some black nylon washers as I decided mine were too bulky not in keeping and as much as I searched the internet and ebay could not find anything size wise and thickness comparable. They needed to be 15mm diameter 1mm thick with 6mm hole. All I could get comparable was 4mm thick and 18mm diameter 5mm hole or 10mm diameter 1.6 thick 6mm hole from ebay.

So tonight I will have all of the parts on my bike as they should and will not be unhappy about any of them. Sometimes you have to try and fail too to realise you need this and not that to which I have done.

All I now need in the next few weeks is a brand new battery and costing around £75 I think is extortionate tbh but it has to have a new one as mine looks to have a few dead cells as fluid is down way low on two. There is no point trying to get it alive just to fail later especially as I have new battery leads.

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