Sunday, 2 July 2017

I got locked out but now back in again

Sorry for not posting but my password got lost and now recovered thanks to Sarah.
Well lots but not a huge amount has happened in the 2 weeks to a point of construction but I am getting results and achieving stuff.
Front forks are done with the outer tubes changed to original legs with new seals and bushes.
They are now fitted to the bike.

The front wheel went on and bike is now stood on a custom Showa monster paddock stand safely.

Brake lines correct for bike are now fitted to calipers but without copper washers right now and have Brembo dust caps.

Carbs fitted to engine for a general feel and layout of bolts washers etc.

Heads and barrels also fitted with oil cooler and lines.

The stand I made works great and is strong enough to hold the whole engine complete.

Fitted the handlebars too as I am trying to get all the bolts etc in there correct place just in case knowing they are not lost.
Talking about being lost I thought my seat catches were lost at plating but it turns out they never were sent as not got back from my mate Andy yet. That was a relief I can tell you .

Ordered this week the clutch plates from Germany. Also from Stein Dinse Germany are parts I could not find easily like genuine seat cowl brackets x 2, seat cowl flat screws like the toolbox cover x 2, triangular oil line plate broken on mine x 1, and the funny shaped front lower oil cooler line bracket clip and rubber which was missing. These should be here next week hopefully.

Yesterday some 6mm silicon tubing came to replace the missing carb breather lines. I nearly got some original ones on Ebay but went missing on delivery. It seems to work well enough and tested out the routing of it seems satisfactory.

Next week Moto Rapido will get a call from me to order the very last service parts I need to fit to the engine before rebuilding top end for good.
This just now consists of
M900 belts
Sump bolts
Gasket service set
Gear change oil seal x 1
Camshaft oil seal x 2
Camshaft bearings small x 2 large x 2
Starter motor gasket x 1
Oil cooler rubber mounts x 2

Then its just some new brake pads all round possibly with a rear brake clip and pin replacement as was not tidy and seems to be missing right now. And another pair of Brembo dust covers for the rear brake caliper and clutch slave. Talking of which I don't have an original but have 2 later ones to use for now .

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