Monday, 3 July 2017

I have a parcel

Got home today to a Stein Dinse parcel so pleased that came so quick via UPS from Germany.
All neatly packed as per usual and recommended to anyone for parts especially hard to get parts.

So it was just moments to fit these parts the puzzle being filled in as such.
That strange shaped clip with the rubber serves 2 purposes I found out and very glad I never tried to make it as too complicated for sure. Its attached to the front starter motor mount bolt.


I then reversed the clip on the rear of engine as it goes the other way I got shown. Looks much neater and more functional. And the front cable one looks good now too.

I fitted the seat cowl brackets as I made mine just slightly wrong in the fact the edge isn't at 90 degrees but will still work fine. I just need to elongate the hole. These are correct and fitted them to the cowl and then the seat with the new flat screws as easier to undo and tighten with a coin. New owners manual and original complete tool bag is in seat too with the helmet holder cable.

I ordered tonight from Simply Bearings the camshaft bearings 2 off each of 6004 C3 and 6003 C3 as I didn't want to reuse them even if fine to for a cost of  £17.16p..
I just need the seals now.

Painted the new Triangular oil line plate with Black VHT paint a few coats to match other but this is billet machined unlike the original is cast alloy.

Reconditioned the engine earth lead as the insulation on ends was tatty so put so fresh heat shrink on both ends.

That's all folks.

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